Wednesday, May 2, 2012

shameless personal plug

Sup dudes! If any of you are still keeping track of this blog, just wanted to let you know that I've finally started writing again. My first new piece is that Amebix interview I kept talking about here and could never get around to finally posting. That shit's done, now, and I just published part 1 of 4 at Lurker's Path. Lurker is a sick site, serious critical writing focused mostly on BM but also other extreme shit, and I'll be writing for them regularly. Most of my metal-oriented stuff will probably go there. I still intend to start my own blog, a kind of informal thing that will be fun to post in every day (but will also have reviews), and I'll let you know as soon as that's actually up. It needs a cool name. Also keep an eye on The Quietus, they should be publishing a Gravenhurst interview of mine in a week or two (I have yet to actually do the interview--later this week hopefully).




  1. Dug the Amebix interview,looking forward to the rest of it.

  2. man, wheres noktorn?

    1. yeah... i had been expecting him to resurface sooner. i will try and get in touch over the next few days, just to see what's up, and hopefully he'll at least pop back in to update you all.