Friday, February 17, 2012

reverorum ib malacht actually put out a full-length

I can't believe it actually fucking happened. Of all the bands in the world which everyone forgot about, Reverorum Ib Malachtactually released a full-length on AJNA Offensive late last year. From what I've seen it doesn't look like anyone's actually HEARD it (big surprise,) but it's still kind of cute in a nostalgic way. Who knew that they were actually a band?

I got into black metal when DC++ was fading away and Soulseek was the main hotness for acquiring obscure music (before download blogs and torrents devoured everything.) Because Soulseek had a bunch of chat rooms attached to the program, one of the biggest being a black metal room, there's a whole host of obscure little bands who gained prominence basically out of nowhere due to word of mouth hype and typically disappeared just as quickly (Wormphlegm being one of the sole exceptions.) Reverorum Ib Malacht was one such band: a cassette-only black metal/ambient project with a lineup that was Shrouded In Mystery that was a really big deal for like 3 months until everyone forgot about them basically at the same time. Looking back, I guess it was sort of the pseudo-LLN version of Deathspell Omega or something. It was kind of a big deal for a while, and a lot of people were super stoked about them being some sort of future of black metal, claiming it was really disturbing and True Satanic Music. It made an impression on me when I was like 15 (which is about as old as you can get and still have this sort of thing be particularly resonant,) so checking this stuff out again has been sort of a nostalgia trip for me. No, that doesn't mean I'm actually going to listen to the full-length.

Listening to the above track now, though... my god we liked some dumb shit.


  1. "yeah-oohhh yeeeooooo!" wow this does blow. though i can see why, initially, it could come off as impressive. i like the cavernous inscrutability of the production.

  2. It's not that your taste evolved since then, you're just... going through phases. Your next one will be dubstep, then indie rock probably.

    1. where the fuck does all this "hipster Noktorn" bullshit come from? just to put this all to rest, when I hung out with him he was on tour with some random brutal death metal band. the dude had greasy three-foot long hair and a One Master t shirt, and he'd just dragged himself across the east coast playing thankless underground shows out of pure love for the music.

    2. i only wrote 1k reviews and hemorrhaged money on an underground tour for the bling and the bitches. when i'm not writing for this blog i exclusively listen to sigur ros.

    3. btw anon i did a dubstep post months ago. it was about tomba.