Saturday, February 11, 2012


For reasons I can't entirely explain, I never really 'got' Ripping Corpse until about a month or so ago. I'd heard Dreaming With the Dead numerous times, but it just didn't click. Have you ever had one of those, "How in the fuck was I so oblivious?!" moments? I certainly did. I was pretty much sick and tired of every other death metal band one night, and decided I was gonna put Dreaming on my Zune for the drive over to a friend's place...

Holt shit! How was I so oblivious to Shaune Kelley's riffs? My god, these are riffs to die for. It's infuriating that RC seems to be primarily remembered as "Erik Rutan's first band" (and Rutan had little musical input anyway) and not as one of the BEST death/thrash bands ever. The riffs are sleek, sexy, catchy and complicated, but never lose their emotive and infectious feel. Brandon Thomas possesses a freakishly good drum sound, as well as very bouncy and tasteful approach to blasting. And then, the icing on the cake is Scott fucking Ruth. His hardcore-derived grunts and shouts are some of the most bad-ass vocals in metal; adding a charisma and uniqueness to the vocals that  makes this album that much better. Words are superfluous this time, just listen:

Deeper, deeper, in the woods they're found
Chanting, chanting, Cthulhu cometh now
Sacrifice, sacrifice, give it flesh they sing
Calling, calling, the lord blasphemy...


  1. By far my favorite RC song. Have you heard the unreleased material they did after this album was put out? Some great shit there too, should be easy to find a d/l for it. Check it out!

  2. Who the fuck still uses a Zune?