Monday, January 23, 2012

Stoked for the new Marduk full-length?

I didn't hear this when it came out last spring, and shame on me for that. It rips. I have no idea what "Headhunter Halfmoon" means, but it sounds grim as hell, and it's a perfect vocal hook. The guitars and drums, of course, grind onwards into joyous oblivion. After years of Stupid Slow Stuff, Marduk have finally remembered what they do best.

P.S. I was working on a real post tonight, I swear, but then I had to write a job app! Sorry! Coming tomorrow, a review of two killer metallic hardcore shows from last week.


  1. I wouldn't mind it if they took some of the atmospherics they've developed on their past couple of albums and mixed it in with the style they play on their last EP. A happy medium TBH.

    1. sorry for the slow reply. see, i think marduk should always be about mediums! but i do remember hearing one pretty atmospheric track on the new EP, except it was SO stark and nasty that it actually seemed to parallel the hyperspeed shit. I'd be down with that--approaching the same feel by pushing towards the extremes of two different aesthetic trajectories.

    2. I get what you mean. I feel the atmospherics on the latest couple of full-lengths are well-done and enjoyable, but I think they wouldn't go well with the style they pursued on the EP now that I've had a couple days to mull it over. I think full-on blasting for 30 minutes is great sometimes, but I feel personally, as a listener, I've come to expect more than just sheer on fucking blast beats and tremolo riffing. I don't know. Maybe I've become hipsterfied - I enjoyed the Ash Borer full-length. Shock. Horror.