Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get Into: Afgrund

When it comes to grind, Noktorn covers the gore, I cover the 'core.

I played Afgrund for a good friend of mine who was just getting into extreme metal, and he said it sounded like urban warfare. Spot-on first impression. This is music for shotgun blasts methodically meted out in the light of burning storefronts. These dudes are probably anarchists, but if the music is any indication they are some disciplined, militant fucking anarchists.

Afgrund are Swedish, and boy do they sound Swedish. Their last full-length, Vid Helvetets Grindar (2009), is crisp and polished and packs an extremely heavy low end. While they are no strangers to d-beats and thrash, Afgrund really shine on the crushing jackhammer blast-fests and the breakdowns that punctuate them. It's just really fucking heavy, dude. "A Burning Cross On Your Perfect Lawn" is a clever condemnation of banal suburban reactionaries, and features Afgrund's wall-of-blasting approach at its purest and most relentless. You will dig this if you dig Nasum and Rotten Sound and the boys, but I think it could also be fun for people who are into Marduk and other blasting black metal, but haven't really explored grindcore proper. Oh, and of course, this was put out by the generally excellent Willowtip Records.

I got into Afgrund a couple years ago through the excellent but now-defunct Chainsaw Justice blog. By way of saying thank you, here's a link to the new blog of C.J. writer Flesh Monolith.


  1. Afgrund is one of the few bands of the "swegrind" style that I can really get into. The urban warfare description is very fitting, as well.

  2. Also, good to see FM got another blog going. I followed Chainsaw Justice up until it's demise, being the huge grind fan that I am. Quality stuff.

  3. Thanks! Yeah, somehow these guys rise to the top of a fairly generic scene. I did a post a long while ago on another band, Livet Som Insats, who are pretty cool too, had their stuff put out on Grindcore Karaoke by the guy from Agoraphobic NB.

    Btw, if you're a huge grind fan, any recommendations on good bands in the more crust/deathgrind vein would be welcome!

  4. Nice find and actually pretty diverse, and therefore, distinct sounding for something coming from that scene. I don’t usually do descriptions of bands, so bare with me…

    Left in Ruins - Swedish grind. Less obvious with the metal but more prominent with their hardcore influences. here

    Y - these guys often get the powerviolence label, but to me there aren’t enough sudden clashing tempo changes for that. It sounds more like a healthy mix of really fast hardcore very often played at grinding speeds. All played with solid musicianship and that extra pinch of harshness like most German bands. here

    Head Hits Concrete - the spazzy riffing style of Dillinger Escape Plan employed in a Discordance Axis-like manner. I know the description sounds like some pointless tech-grind-noodling-fest, but instead it’s like those two different sounds keep each other in check. The result is like tidelwaves of noise washing over you in intervals that you can set your watch to. No idea if you are into this though, based on your previous remarks. here