Saturday, December 10, 2011

so pete sandoval is back or whatever

The above is funny for a few reasons.

1. This is how you announce your return? Awkwardly playing along with a Mozart piece? Pete pretty neatly displays his inability to play anything but death metal here; watch how uncomfortable and hesitant he is any time he can't feasibly insert a double bass pattern. It goes without saying, also, that this is hardly what we're interested in from Morbid Angel's drummer; how about you just record a video of yourself playing "Opening of the Gates" or something and maybe at least one person will get to the end of it. I think I watched like a minute and a half of the above.

2. "Resurrection?" Did he die? I thought he was just recovering from "surgery." I put that word in quotes because amongst the death metal intelligentsia down here in central Florida, everyone's pretty skeptical that that was the reason he was out of commission for so long. One of the Tampa scene's worst kept secrets is Sandoval's impressive fondness for crack cocaine, so chances are that his "rehabilitation" wasn't entirely physical in nature.

3. One of the reasons I prefer metal to rock music is because, in the circles I travel in at least, it lacks the obnoxious hero worship so endemic to rock. I've always preferred to see metal musicians as individual pieces that come together to make something great- Ihsahn, Samoth, and Trym are all completely unimportant to me individually, but when together under the name Emperor they become something entirely different. I hate it when people rant about some individual musician's contributions to the metal scene, and it seems pretty fucking perplexing for Sandoval to be held up in that way in particular. The guy's played a lot of blast beats in Terrorizer and Morbid Angel. Neat.

Well, at least he didn't die. Having to hear about Vitek has been annoying enough.


  1. lol wtf about the above is "edgy," it's just a statement of facts

  2. "One of the reasons I prefer metal to rock music is because, in the circles I travel in at least, it lacks the obnoxious hero worship so endemic to rock."

    Mustaine vs. Metallica.

    To name a few.

    Is your circle made up of people who stopped listening or following metal in 1981?

  3. my circle is made up of people who like the MUSIC those people have created but don't give a fuck about the people themselves.

  4. Fuck. I need to stick to whatever pavel writes these days and skip your poorly thought out bullshit.

  5. although tbh this is REALLY boring and shit ect ect ect. Didn't even make it as far as 1:30, hah.

  6. what is with these anon commenters and their dramatic pronouncements. i don't know who you are dude, how is it supposed to be significant to me.

  7. If you think they are dramatic, you might be taking them too seriously.

  8. Noktorn, why you got to be a bitch?

  9. hey here's some news i dont really care about. or something. or junk. or whatever. or some shit. i don't even care. words words words words words

  10. You're opinions hardly rate as a "statement of facts". If you like a particular kind of music due to a lack of "hero worship", or any other aspect utterly irrelevant to the actual music, you're probably preoccupied with your ego too much to be qualified to write up posts criticizing anyone in the music industry. Get off of your keyboard and do something productive you little shit.

  11. This guy is just a computer fag that is upset that he failed as a musician, if pete had substance issues so fucking what.. he still raised the bar for all death metal dumners around the world. What have YOU done??? Thats what I thought, not a mother fucking thing - stop talking shit. If you dont like pete or what hes doing click on somthing else, any well established confident death metal drummer always gives pete credit-fact . Hes human cut the guy some slack.