Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A couple small notes

Always Unprotected is up and running again, with five new releases posted at the time of this posting with more to come. I was busy and distracted with work/home/vehicle/boner concerns, but with things settling down, I'm prepared to flood you with more Ecuadorian CDr releases than you can handle.

In other news: a new blog is in the formational stage between myself and a mostly unknown but vehemently talented writer from the Metal Archives. This little slice of heaven will be squarely dedicated to covering deathcore, slam, goregrind, gorenoise, and everything in between. If you're interested in reviews, interviews, and other features around bands like Catasexual Urge Motivation, Intestinal Disgorge, Raped By Pigs, or Anal Birth, this will be your one-stop shop for everything that abducts, rapes, and skins alive. Don't worry; this won't take time away from Trial By Ordeal, which is my first and favorite child. But as those styles are a major passion of mine, I thought it prudent to create a space just for them, to prevent Trial By Ordeal from getting cluttered with Abominable Putridity videos and keep things cosmopolitan for you guys. Those styles will still be covered here on TBO, but if you want more, this new blog will suit you just fine.

We anticipate getting it up and running by the end of the year. I'll keep you posted with the details.


  1. Random guess- You and MutantClannfear?

  2. Looking forward to the new blog.

  3. @void

    nope, a cat named Immune_to_Poison