Friday, November 11, 2011

"A Milli" - The greatest hip-hop song of the '00s?

At this point in TBO's development, I feel no need to link any discussion of hip-hop to Burzum anymore. It's acceptable to discuss it on its own terms, especially since just about every metalhead these days is frantically downloading Lil B mixtapes alongside One Tail, One Head tapes. Anyway, I'm beginning to consider Lil Wayne's "A Milli" as the ultimate hip-hop song of the '00s (how you'd pronounce that if saying it in regular conversation, I have no idea.) It combines a lot of features of '00s culture into a singular whole: a sort of adorned, self-referential minimalism, irony that goes beyond the standard "we're too cool for this" posturing, and a decided indulgence in excess and Caligulan decadence. Lil Wayne's masterpiece from his third "Carter" entry suddenly becomes the most defining sound of a decade.

Anyone have any better choices for the track of the '00s?


  1. As much as I dislike Lil Wayne's career after Hot Boys/CMM, I gotta admit that Snoop Dog's 'Drop it Like it's Hot' is one of 00's shizzles.

    Three 6 Mafia's 'Sippin' on Some Syrup' is right up there too.

  2. Even if his delivery was good, his voice is still annoying as hell. Maybe it would sound better in Swahili or Yoruba? I don't know. Can he even speak? Judging from interviews, I'd say he's slippin' altogether.

    Guess the beat's okay though.

  3. as you know i'm a huge wayne fan, but the newer stuff has not been doing it for me. i usually respect singleminded retardation, but this track seems retarded in the wrong way. that insistently repeating "a milli sample" really gets on my nerves. he's had way better beats and rhymes, especially on the Drought mixtapes.

    Don't know if I could pick a single best Wayne track, since it's all about those moments when he gets in the zone, but my personal favorites include probably Seat Down Low and Dipset.


  5. I was always partial to Jay-Z's remake of this song. There was one "re-take" version I heard where he threw in the line "Quit T-Pain'n and start rappin'" that I thought was pretty cool, and incidentally he used the same line in one of his other newer songs. It wasn't as good though...

    I guess I have to hand it to Weezy though, the beat is ridiculously catchy and gets stuck in my head for hours if I even THINK I hear the song playing somewhere. Can't really think of another popular song from the last decade that has had the same (positive) effect on me.

  6. Yeah this is definitely one of my favourite Weezy songs and deserving of it's notoriety. He slipped down pretty fast from there though. Dedication 2, Carter 2, Drought 3 and Da Drought is Over 2 is where you'll find his best material. Don't forget who introduced you to this shit!

  7. Bangladesh (The producer behind 'A Milli') is to the '00s as No I.D. is to the '90s

    From wikipedia: In respect to his name, he's said he chose the name Bangladesh because he describes his keyboard-centric production style as "Bangladesh": "It's just Bangladesh. It's foreign to the ears."


  8. I think he probably meant to name himself "Balderdash"