Friday, November 11, 2011

Get into: Havohej

i never 'got' the whole havohej 'thing' until some years ago when i got into another bullshit, fruitless argument with my family and i was driving to my shitty, go-nowhere community college with my schizophrenic girlfriend in the passenger's seat and all at once i realized how awful everything was and how little i was respected by the people around me and how chances were i would never amount to anything in life and how ultimately i was probably doomed to the exact same mind-numbing bullshit day after day and in that horrible moment of perfect, objective clarity this song came on and for a second everything became acceptable.

each lost opportunity - every word unsaid - every promise broken - every chance for something greater - never coming back


  1. Live Journal post.

  2. I never listen to this album because I always thought the cover was hilarious and terrible; it's just some weird thing that keeps me from listening to certain albums. I need to forget about what a fucking goofball Paul Ledney is and just give this a chance, because it seems pretty cool on paper.

  3. turn the front cover and enjoy the THING!!!