Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shameless Personal Plug

So I've started doing some writing for this other site, The Bone Reader. It was founded by a really chill Canadian guy who's been on the scene since the 80s, and its coverage leans towards doom/sludge/stoner metal, as well as thrash and hardcore. Bone Reader is great for thoughtful long-form interviews and features, and if you're into the hefty, hairy, bong-ripping side of metal it's an awesome way to dig into the underground (and overground) of that scene. My role is to cover the faster, more extreme shit, especially black metal, and just to be the opinionated asshole that I am. The folks at the Bone Reader are lifers with a staggering wealth of experience in metal, punk, and rock'n'roll, and they staunchly support obscure and up-and-coming bands. They really think of their mission as championing good new music that otherwise might not find an audience, and that sincerity comes through in their writing. So even if I don't always share their taste, I'm stoked to be contributing to their struggle. And you should check it out.

Don't worry, Trial By Ordeal is absolutely still my priority. This blog is my baby, and I'm totally committed to our vision for uncompromising extreme music. You already know what to expect from my writing here, and that won't change. I'm making an effort to offer something slightly different in my writing for The Bone Reader, just to keep my projects clear and distinct. The reviews I do will usually be (a little) more journalistic in structure, since it's not some esoteric kvlt blog like this one, and they'll tend to focus on the promos we get sent. I might occasionally write about some dopesmoking shit, too. Basically, if you want to see what I think of "the year's major albums," the group of recordings from major and mid-size labels that invariably seem to make the Top 10 lists of the critics, you'd do well to check out my work over there. Of course, if one of these major albums happens to be a perfect fit for the Trial By Ordeal aesthetic, there's a good chance I'll end up reviewing it over here instead!

So what HAVE I done thus far? I'm glad you asked, oh avid reader. I just wrote an enthusiastic review of the new Craft album, and about a month ago I flamed Endstille's confused and disappointing Infektion 1813. This week I'll be transcribing an interview I did two or three weeks ago with Aesop of Ludicra, Agalloch, and Cosmic Hearse fame. I asked him about his experience getting into black metal long before it was trendy in the United States, and about the way this experience has shaped how he thinks about music. I don't think I agreed with everything he said--and wish I'd probed a little deeper in a few instances--but Aesop is certainly an insightful dude who is well worth hearing out. And say what you will about Cosmic Hearse, but I don't think I'd be writing this blog if it weren't for that institution. I checked it every day for like 3 years before starting Trial By Ordeal, and it was honestly a really important part of my life.

Anyway, read my shit! And leave some comments on it, since nobody has yet. It would be lovely to hear from our crew of hesher fiends and dungeon dwellers. Hail!

P.S. I just posted the Grand Magus song because it rules and it's doom and I was listening to it today.

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