Sunday, October 9, 2011

Get Into: Convulse

You all knew this would end up here eventually, right? I mean, Convulse isn't all that obscure anymore, thanks to the recent Relapse reissue, and these guys aren't really my own personal discovery...I downloaded World Without God from Cosmic Hearse a couple years ago. But it's definitely worth reiterating that this is a sick album. Punk-as-fuck primitive death metal, and the closest thing I've heard to Grave's masterpiece Into The Grave, which is my personal favorite album from the genre (I guess Morbid Angel were probably better from an artistic standpoint, but whatever, I love headbanging). Convulse favored a much colder, rawer sound than their contemporaries, creating heaviness with the pure power of riffage and drumming. The meat of the album is the straight-up hate: rabid charges powered by kick-snare punk drumming and twisting riffs reminiscent of Reign In Blood. But "Resuscitation of Evilness" stands out from the rest because it combines that sound with gory breakdowns and barbaric half-blasting. The pacing is perfect. If you like Sarcofago and Nifelheim, you'll like it. If you like Unleashed and Jungle Rot, you'll like it. So get into it.

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