Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dubstep for metalheads

Well, to call this "dubstep" would be pretty inappropriate; it only sort of mimics the general ideas of dubstep, basically overdriving them very much in the same way that slam death does with brutal death metal. I was pretty down on dubstep until I encountered this stuff- colloquially called "brostep" for its idiocy and single-minded focus on heaviness. It's little surprise that much of the material in this style is made by members of death metal bands; it's very clearly designed with that ear for brutality and filth. Tomba, below, is my favorite so far; check it out even if you've hated other dubstep. You might find something to enjoy.

Oh, and to avoid any accusations of hypocrisy: I don't like dubstep. However, I do enjoy the dubstep that sounds like what I already love.


  1. Percival TipplebottomOctober 2, 2011 at 8:05 PM

    Although you've tried to qualify this post, I think you're giving far too much credit to the death metal angle here, similar to the indie/hipster black metal stuff you railed against a few posts ago. Dubstep and drum&bass has always been full of heavy, brutish nastyness in and of themselves. They don't need metalheads to show them what heavy is.

  2. no, of course there's plenty of heaviness within dubstep/dnb/what have you, but the particular style of heaviness expressed here seems to come from a distinctly metal perspective. i feel like even if i didn't know the history of the guy behind tomba i would have guessed that he had a significant background in extreme metal. i've heard heavy dubstep from non-metal guys, but the metal background of tomba seems to color it in a distinct way for me.

  3. this is great. and i don't even think it's particularly stupid music... one-dimensional? absolutely. but there's a lot more going on than a couple riffs over virtually unchanging rhythms (ie. like half of the music i/we listen to).