Thursday, October 13, 2011

Couple of Badass Bands:

Naked Whipper are like Blasphemy's more impish younger cousin, with a fixation on BDSM themes. They're German after all, so I suppose it makes sense. But who the hell doesn't love that nasty German attitude that you get with practically every great German band ever?! Black metal gets distilled down into punky, blast-happy grind that's two parts Blasphemy, one quarter early Impaled Nazarene and then one quarter Massacra (tell me some of those riffs on Moloch: Acid Orgy couldn't have been lifted right from Enjoy the Violence) and you get a nasty concoction with Chris Moyen artwork. This 'band' was more like Alex Schulz's side project with session work courtesy of the rest of the Malaphar crew, but I like 'the Whipper a hell of a lot more than Malaphar.



Oh how cute, they named themselves after 'ol Jeffrey himself. The music is pretty damn thunking though, I must say. It's groovy and brutal Canadian grind with some dude named Seb caterwauling about serial killers in Quebecois-French. I don't really know what else to say other than it's a nasty mash-up of grind and powerviolence and the bass tone will kill you on impact. Someone was cool enough to just put the first half of the album on YouTube, so I pasted it above. Listen and draw your own conclusions. Another awesome sounding snare album it is as well. Jam some Dahmer tonight and piss off everyone from your neighbors to that old lady next to you at that red light that takes forever.


  1. wow dude i am LOVING the N.W. really cool, unusually shaped riffs. and i love that, unlike, Blasphemy's, their riffs are audible!

  2. Rasmus from DenmarkOctober 15, 2011 at 3:51 AM

    Once again you prove how absolutely essential blogs like TBO are - bringing attention to undeservedly forgotten masters of extremity such NW is just so fuckin' cool. Painstreaks is really a unique album - NW may be labeled 'black/grind' or something like that, but they're really quite different from, say, Killgasm or Goatpenis. In addition to the Blasphemy-esque blackness there's also, I'd venture, more than a dash of Cryptic Slaughter in the overall soundscape. NW should be much, much bigger. Good call, guys.

  3. Dahmer is my favorite band of all time, props