Sunday, October 16, 2011

Booze-soaked riffs/ Bulldozer

Hmm, seems as if I'm relating to that George Thorogood song right now - I'm drinking alone, as it's the first event-less Saturday night in a long ass time. I dropped into the liquor store and bought a couple seventy two ounce bottles of a new beer I've never tried before. It's called 'Three Philosophers';  a Belgian-styled ale brewed in New York. It also packs a nice punch as it's 9.8 ABV and sold in a big ass seventy two ounce bottle or something. I'm not a frequent drinker, but I'm twenty one now and was bored as fuck, so I went to the fucking liquor store just so I could jam some music on the way and then and cop a buzz later (now.) Anyway, with the help of two double shots of El Jimador, I'm zooming in on halfway plastered and and gonna tell you all to listen to motherfucking Bulldozer right now. It's whiskey time, tequila time, whatever to fuck else. But jam some Day of Wrath!

This beer rules. If I (really fucking hopefully) end up flying out to the Big Apple to catch Negative Plane and 'The Drape in early December you bet your sweet ass I'll be taking a tour of the Ommegang Brewery before I head back home! See you soon Cooperstown!


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  2. *wow I was drunk as fuck when I wrote that.

  3. You should look out for a beer named Gulden Draak, shit is mighty tasty.

  4. Jeez, reading this post a few days later is funny and embarrassing at the same time. Ugh. Drunk me and internet don't mix so well. But yeah, listen to some Bulldozer!

    And I'll check that out Dragunov! Thanks for the rec.

  5. Shit, more like "editing your post no less than five times because you were too fucked up to type properly the first time and still fucking it up"

    Jeez, that shit really did a number on me. What did you say pavel? ha