Monday, September 12, 2011

Satan's God

And this guy's opening for... who, exactly? If he's the headliner, I can't even fucking imagine who opened for him. Maybe his younger brother's band? Or is his little bro in the audience laughing? I don't know, but I just want to know what's going on here. I mean, I know, but I want a back story or something. Rumor has it that Larry Clark wanted Harmony Korine to cast this dude as the main character in Gummo, until the duo's peculiar fascination with shirtless teen boys led them to discover Igor's third nipple, which kinda played out like Jason Lee in Mallrats, only with an extra truckload of shock and flaccid.  You've gotta admit though, this guy's metal as FUCK though. He literally gives not even a fraction of a fuck about anything; he doesn't need a fucking guitarist, because EVERY band has a fucking guitarist. He doesn't need a fucking drummer, drums have been used by people like Dizzy Gillespie. Fuck tuning your bass too; that shit's for pussies. He just stands and rages like a motherfucker in front of a group of bewildered onlookers and simply doesn't give a shit. I thought the cop was going to tell him to quiet down, but he looks far too flabbergasted to make an arrest. Or maybe it's just the dude's dad, coming home, like, "Please, not in front of the neighbors, son." Satan's God was actually an innovater back in '96 too. By wearing his sister's jogging capris and playing notes as sloppily as possible, he began a new genre known as 'feedbackcore'. It didn't really catch on, but here he is in the new millennium, doing something similar....

Guess he ain't so metal after all. Guess he was just high on meth and pissed that day. The gloves are pretty fucking priceless though.


  1. Percival TipplebottomSeptember 13, 2011 at 9:27 PM

    This guy is amazing. Did you watch this one-

    He manages to led people in a chant of 'I hate my cock'. Incredible.

  2. Haha, I think that's one of the ones I hadn't gotten around to watching yet. Probably one of the best ones.

    He should sport the leprechaun witch hat more often, it looks great with his shiny sequin gimp outfit.

  3. This is Igor Von De Heilichtson III from Satan's God. If you have any questions about that 1996 show then email me. In case you don't know I have 21 albums out and have toured most of the USA. Even got to sing lead vocals with S.O.D. in 2000.
    Satan's God
    P.O. Box 190
    Helleville, Il 62222

    d.i.y underground for life