Friday, September 23, 2011

Get Into: Black Mold Phallanx

Black Mold Phallanx is a project mostly known through the gorenoise scene even if the music they make isn't strictly gorenoise. Although the only time I really see them mentioned is old Splatterfuck tradelists, the music could easily be described as cybergrind. Weird, ugly, calculated cybergrind with very few real "musical" elements other than an emphasis on interesting drum machine rhythms. But Black Mold Phallanx also refuse to undermine their own work by turning it into a joke, which is something that brings a lot of these projects down. There's no goofy Goosebumps sample to start a track. Black Mold Phallanx are serious and atmospheric about the way they grind. I have three of their releases - Sounds of Stagnation and Metamorphosis Casing on cassette and Sculptedfromflies on CD-R, they all sound relatively the same but the individual tracks are all unique and interesting (although the releases are short, usually EP length at best).

A lot of music from this scene can come off as comedic or semiserious, but Black Mold Phallanx is a very serious project. The electronic minimalism involved in the compositions might remind you of early industrial experimentation, and while this could still be described as outsider art there's definitely a very real and bleak atmosphere formed. For that reason, it might be interesting to people that don't normally care for cybergrind. It's not just a silly myspace project, and should really appeal to people that like cold, clockwork horror music.

Listening to Scultpedfromflies again now as I write this, there's almost a techno undercurrent. And no, by techno I don't mean generic electro-y elements and robotic samples (i.e. the media's idea of "techno" in the early 90s, which was used as a blanket term for any kind of electronic music up until big beat came out and they changed the buzz word to electronica instead). I'm referring to actual Jeff Mills style cold, industrial, punishing rhythms. Outside of the three bits I own though, they have plenty other EPs and splits limited from 20-100 copies, go fishing on some angelfire cd-r distros and see what you can find.

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