Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You people are sick assholes

Below we have a selection of actual search terms some of you fuckers have found Trial By Ordeal through. I have NO IDEA what could possibly be wrong with you people, and moreover, how some of these things led back to us:

billy nocera is a fucking asshole

Admittedly, I laughed.

milfy way mom on mom

Apparently this is an actual MILF porn movie, but how exactly did it link here?

1 guy 1 carcass

I'm terrified by the idea of this video falling into the (#people#something) video paradigm.

female wrestler "chyna" anal porn movies

Okay, yes, this does exist, but why the fuck does anyone want to see it?

fuck who did this

I don't know man. odd among of these????

I think this was a Korean kid's programming homework translated through Babelfish.

beatdown is a subgenre of hardcore

Yes. It is.

what does vastum mean

I don't know, what does it actually mean? Moreover, who is actually concerned?


  1. hahahahahhaha such a good call to compile all of these! forgot about "fuck who did this." probably my favorite.

  2. also today we got a hit from this url:

  3. I definitely will own up to the Chyna one. Its kinda like... something you have to see. not because you want to... but because you have to. I didn't find this site by searching for that though!

  4. You forgot "that faggot noktorn".

  5. holy shit, you're right, that gives like 5 results from tbo! sweet. haters make me famous.

  6. this is funny! and in the past, i was linked to this site from pavel's profile in metal-archive