Monday, August 29, 2011

Touche Amore - And Now It's Happening In Mine

These guys are what screamo was before it became a catchphrase for hairspray emo with "metal" riffs. Saw them last week opening for Converge at a free House of Vans show. I briefly met the singer, Jeremy, while I was waiting in line outside the venue, and he was exactly the kind of super-friendly, earnest dude you'd expect to front a band like this. I'd never heard Touche Amore before, but I got really into their set, fistpumping like an old fan. They gave it their all, to the point that Jeremy's voice was clearly giving out. And the crowd gave back. I have never seen so many people singing along to every word. When he put down the mic and let the kids sing, you could hear the words clearly. Even if emotionally raw, Smiths-referencing post-hardcore is not your thing, you gotta concede it's pretty damn cool when music means that much to people. I, for one, am glad this kind of sound is coming back, and that great bands like Touche Amore are doing the back-bringing. Oh and they came on at the end and did some vocals with Converge. Badass.

Unrelated show highlight: Seeing a dazed, goggle-eyed Hunter Hunt-Hendrix staggering around the edges of the circle pit, obviously high off his ass on weed or some kind of hippie hallucinogen. He was wearing two braided pigtails. Laughed my ass off.


  1. I've always found this band quite irritating - I think it's the vocals more than anything - but it sounds like they put on a good show. Do you reckon you'd have liked their music as much if you'd heard it without having seen them live first?

  2. Hmmm, I mean this kind of stuff is never gonna be my "go-to" music, just because I'm usually busy with black metal, goth, and metallic hardcore, but yeah I do think I'd have really dug them either way. I grew up on Thursday and love Indian Summer, Planes Mistaken For Stars, etc.

    The songwriting and lyrics are awesome, and I actually love the vocals--they're just wrenched from his throat. Totally naked, less like a polished singing style and more like unmediated cries of rage/sorrow/frustration/joy. If you can get down with Varg, you can get down with these. I also like that they've got a bit of a low end presence to them, though that doesn't come out as much in the live show.

  3. its good! but i too.. don't like this kind of vocal