Thursday, August 4, 2011

The return of darkness and evil!

Hey, we're back. Very sorry for the long delay. After Noktorn's absence on tour it was my turn to disappear. I was busy finding an apartment, grinding on a freelance writing job, and then moving into the new apartment. I'm pleased to say I found an ideal location...squarely between a rusting elevated train track and a colossal black building that doubles as a hospital and an insane asylum. It's pretty fucking sick.

Anyway, just as I've taken a break from blogging, I've taken a break from the sort of fractured listening experience that comes from constantly looking up new bands online and pulling up album after album in my iTunes library. When my old roommate removed the table from my last apartment, I lost my computer/speakers setup, and more or less stopped listening to stuff off the computer. Instead, I started using this old boombox I got my parents to send out from Ann Arbor. I got to grips with a couple dope tapes I'd never been able to listen to before. But I also started going back through the small stack of physical CDs I have with me, listening to many of them over and over again in the span of a week or two. Sometimes I even replayed an album as soon as I finished it! I really haven't listened to music like this since high school, and it felt wonderful. Sometimes it helped me to hear new things, and it certainly allowed with me to appreciate and connect with the music on a much deeper level. I was going to do a sort of "roundup" post of brief thoughts about the CDs I've spent the most time with recently, but instead it turned into a full-length review of Dissection's Storm of the Light's Bane. (See the next post!) Anyway, I'll probably be drawing on the last couple weeks of serious repeat listening for my upcoming posts...


  1. Percival TipplebottomAugust 4, 2011 at 2:16 PM

    About friggin' time!

    And yeah, it is interesting how the medium affects your perceptions of muisc. I've been digging into my gf's collection of viynl recently, and the listening experience is quite different than sitting in front of a computer pulling shit up on itunes or youtube. I find myself putting a lot more focus on the music, and appreciating and considering the track order on albums.

  2. P.T., sorry for the delayed reply! It's nice to know that someone out there was waiting for us to start writing again...was a bit worried we'd lose our readers. And I wish I had a turntable so I could do that! But tapes are pretty fun for now, its awesome to be able to actually afford music again (4 bucks for a hardcore demo? sure!).

    p.s. I love your moniker