Monday, August 8, 2011

Monstrous new track from Lago

I was just sent this video by Cole Jacobsen, ringleader of the TBO-endorsed death metal band Lago. The song is NOT actually a cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit," apparently that's just the stupid working title. In case you haven't read my review of their Marianas EP, Lago is part of a musical lineage spawned by the once-mighty Morbid Angel. Their austere approach to songwriting generates a very bleak, brooding atmosphere. When I hear Lago, I think of ruined cities on other planets. The new track is a big improvement over the already-cool stuff on the EP. According to Cole, "shit's definitely ten times more intense." I'd say that's a fairly accurate way of putting it. It's riffier, with heavier chug and a greater emphasis on eerily melodic leads and arpeggios. There's also a more pronounced black metal influence here, which I think is cool. So if you already dig Lago, get stoked on the new material. If you're new to them, check it out.


  1. Wow, this is pretty cool. The eerie screeched harmonics in the riffs and cold atmosphere are great.

  2. I want to keep the song title...

  3. @ido: glad you dig it! i remember you saying you were big into Morbid Angel back in the day. do you listen to much other death metal these days, or has Lago rekindled your interest in the genre?

  4. Well, I'm listening to G-SCHMITT's "Official Bootleg" right now, so there you go.

    Anyway, I don't listen to much death metal other than MORBID ANGEL. DISSECTION is one of those death-and-black-at-the-same-time bands that I really love, though. I liked your review of "Storm of the Lights Bane." I pretty much always listen to "Somberlain" and that back to back. The two albums blend very nicely into each other.

    I was checking out some live footage of LAGO and enjoyed what I was hearing. I should get the EP.

  5. @ido our EP is now available for free DL through Torn Flesh Records.

    were hoping to record another EP by the end of the year.