Saturday, August 6, 2011

Drum machine slam roundup

Drum machines. Slam. Two great tastes that grate tastes together. Let's look at some true heroes of budget-priced SLAM!

Jenovavirus - Wring a Deep Brain

Perhaps one of the most known slam bands that only ever released a single demo, Jenovavirus was a Japanese project whose brief, untitled demo took the slam scene by storm. While a full-length was planned, it never materialized, and we're essentially just left with Youtube tracks to sate us. For a low-end drum machine band, Jenovavirus' music was impressively professional from both a songwriting and production standpoint: the sound is full and ultra-heavy, and the songs are a solid blend of US-style brutal death metal, Abominable Putridity-type slams, and wet Japanese vocals. Versatile and surprising, this band's material never disappoints those looking for more SLAMZ.

Corpse Carving - Sickening Splatter

A Tasmanian band who perpetually exists in a strange fog between broken up and still together, these guys play(ed?) a brand of phenomenally brutal, idiotic goregrind/slam death with a surprisingly distinctive riffing style, lyricless, slurring vocals, and a wide array of short, fun tracks for those who seek brutality and nothing else. While their full-length is probably the only essential material they ever released, each of their various splits is also a fun listen if you're looking to turn off your brain and rage out for a while. I have nearly their whole discography and don't really regret acquiring any of it.

Vulvectomy - Postmortal Orifice Lubrication

Perhaps the biggest drum machine slam group out there, Italy's own Vulvectomy are known for their simple, straightforward style of European slam, loaded with 6/8 chug passages, fast, grinding riffs in the Dying Fetus vein, and more than a passing resemblance to a less technical Devourment. Vulvectomy's a pretty pure slam band; their tracks really just move from slam to slam with only mild concessions to blasting here and there, but the slams are devastating: typically a bit faster than usual, with groovier, more bouncy rhythms in contrast to their more oppressive American cousins. An incredibly fun band to listen to- party slam if such a thing even exists.

Malodorous - Eyes of Abomination

Malodorous is the brainchild of Big Chocolate- that guy who kind of does projects but mostly does Youtube videos and seems more popular for being himself than doing stuff? Yeah, this is one of the projects of his that actually went somewhere. It's actually an internet collaboration between several different musicians in a stripped-down slam/deathcore vein, employing an ultra-fast drum machine and lots of one-chord chug breakdowns to convey some level of brutality. The music is stark, minimal, and unbelievably thugged out, but the restrained song lengths and fairly direct sense of composition keeps it fun. Definitely not an everyday listen, but great on the occasion you feel like it.

Heinous Killings - Beating Her to Deformity

These guys are definitely one of my favorite bands in all of brutal death metal. Though sadly departed now, for a while Heinous Killings was the top of the heap in sheer brutality in BDM. Coming from the background of legendary MIDI-deathers Clean Flesh, Heinous Killings played technical yet slamming brutal death with a great mesh of oldschool and modern influences. This track, on the other hand, coming off the final split release the band appeared on before their breakup, shows a different side: oldschool NYDM combining with modern deathcore in a way that doesn't resemble ANY other deathcore band out there. The breakdowns in this music have more of the texture of oldschool Boston or NYHC breakdowns, while still being unimaginably death metal in execution. Also, the vocals. The vocals. They are perhaps the best that brutal death metal has seen or ever will see.



  1. I don't get this. Why it has to be too fast? Is that considered Metal?

  2. Slam is for the lowest common denominator of metal fan. No wonder Noktorn loves this shit.

  3. @Dr. Ben: many people consider "too fast" a pretty metal thing. but remember, this shit is closer to grind or hardcore than traditional metal.

  4. @Anonymous: which metal fans constitute the "highest common denominator?" anonymous commenters with internet axes to grind? go post about Deathspell Omega on a forum or something. and fuck off.

  5. Percival TipplebottomAugust 8, 2011 at 9:39 PM

    A bit disappointed with the vocals in Heinous Killings after seeing them described as 'perhaps the best that brutal death metal has seen or ever will see'. They're go back and forth between fairly generic and sounding like something spoken in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

    Also, lol @ the censorship of the chicks junk on that Vulvectomy covery. Like really, thats what crossed the line?!