Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weird vintage death metal I found on youtube

In this little death metal archaeology project I let myself be guided by the coolness of cover art, carefully selecting only the finest fruits of my labor to share with you, dear readers.

Caducity were from Belgium. They played "epic death metal." Have you ever heard of this subgenre? I sure haven't. This stuff is really bizarre, especially the fluctuations in tempo. Their first album, released in 1995, was entitled The Weiliaon Wielder Quest, and it featured hit singles such as "Gymbrea's Enriching Wisdom, Part I: The Sorcery of Chaos Hanzwarin, Part II: Savouring of the Tricorn Flesh." Whoa.

Invocator were Danes playing death/thrash. They clearly practiced a lot. Excursion Demise came out in 1991, but to me this stuff still sounds as weird as it must've sounded back then. I generally hate self-consciously "technical" music, but the coolest thing about Invocator is that they're not wanky at all. The fast riffs manage to be both ripping and intricate, while the thrash breaks achieve heaviness through convolution. Also, the title track features some rabid mosh sections that sound waaay ahead of their time. Listen at 2:07. Is that...metalcore? Throwing in such a brutally simplistic riff only adds to the inhuman atmosphere... Invocator rules!

This came from Sweden in 1993. Morpheus have virtually nothing to do with the "Swedish sound," though, and that makes Son of Hypnos an even weirder dead end on the evolutionary tree of death metal. If anything, this album seems to anticipate the "clicky" or "clinical" tech-death that would arise later in the 90s. These riffs follow a totally alien logic, refusing to make any concessions to the listener but still COMPELLING him to headbang. So fucking weird. Someone gave this a 15% on Metal Archives because of the "horrible" production, and while I can't really fault him on his decision, I totally disagree.


  1. So... are they good or not?

    ah, do you know any death metal with traditional/folk riff like Eternal Madness who play Death Metal with Balinese(a famous island from Indonesia) melody?

  2. 1. Of course they're good, you should listen to them.

    2. No, I don't. Maybe you should form this band. Or maybe not, since folk/death metal tends to suck, and I can't see how a gamelan would make it any better... That said, here's a pretty good Southeast Asian band with a folk/myth vibe:

  3. i've tried Caducity's Whirler Of Fate album, and its kinda empty, the 'feel' of the album = not bold, seems half-light-hearted...

    its extreme, its enjoyable, but... lack emotions

  4. i'm not surprised that their stuff is uneven. remember that my opinions of these bands are based on a handful of youtube videos! i'd say for all of them, though, it's safe to assume that earlier=better. so for caducity try "welliaion wielder..." or whatever. but the band i like best up there is Invocator.

    also, death metal usually lacks emotions, and it's part of the music's appeal. none of the bands i posted make anything remotely emotional, there's just this inhuman intensity and aggression. that's one of the chief distinctions between death metal and black metal, actually. Death metal is a style of music designed to deliver a sense of absolute heaviness, something totally beyond feelings. Black metal is more a feeling than any concrete musical style.

  5. "Death metal is a style of music designed to deliver a sense of absolute heaviness, something totally beyond feelings"

    well... heavy is also a feeling for me, okay, earlier = better... okay, i'll check wlliaion wielder

    and hey, the hordanes land split + right mood = yessss its some of the best!

  6. glad you dig it! and yeah it helps to be absolutely furious to connect with that album... definitely music for going into battle.

  7. That Morpheus album is pretty great. Their demo as Exhumed is also good.

  8. anon, do you have any idea what scene those guys were a part of, or what they would've been listening to? i'm more of a BM guy, so i can't be certain, but to me it sounds like they came almost out of nowhere.