Sunday, June 12, 2011

I know they suck, but...

This video is hilarious and awesome. So much fun is being had. Before becoming just another shitty fake metal band, Three Inches of Blood hit on a charming mix of sincerity and goofiness (not irony). Their shameless combination of Maidenisms and metalcore-isms yielded a handful of great poppy tunes, and this is one of them. You don't scream that hard for a joke band. Yeah, he's a "bad vocalist," but it sounds great to me. Maybe that's my punk side talking? Point being, sometimes metal is just about running around in the woods with your friends. If you're not down to destroy some orcs, go listen to Weakling and cry about your poorly attended gallery show.


  1. ummmm excuse me? maybe only 17 people attended Baltimore Noisefest I but i assure you that every one was there for the scene. i just wish slogun didn't punch the wall as much as he did because i had to pay for the repair.

  2. I think I'll listen to Arizmenda and cry about my poorly attended lecture instead.

  3. @ido Dude i did not take you for a non-slayer of orcs. Get in there! Slay those fuckers!