Saturday, June 11, 2011

Goregrind beyond Carcass (Part 2)

Hey there! Didn't see you! Welcome back to the second (and final... for the time being) edition of GOREGRIND BEYOND CARCASS, where I give you a quick tutorial on goregrind bands that will actually give you more scene cred than Skagos! Honestly, what's not there to love? It's got indecipherability, extremity, the possibility of irony, and a distinct, flashy aesthetic all in one package- hell, Aquarius should be stocking some of these bands any day now! Let's begin.

Last Days of Humanity

Yeah, I feel like I'm cheating a little bit since these guys aren't exactly unknown. Still, Last Days of Humanity is too often seen as a jokey fringe band, basically the metalhead's equivalent of the rocker who has a Cannibal Corpse CD lying around to make his friends laugh. In actuality, LDoH have always evidenced great songwriting, boundary-pushing extremity, and an acute sense of brutal aesthetics which makes them instantly memorable. Each of their three full-lengths has something fantastic to offer. The first is a fun slab of Carcass worship for all the Haemorrhage fans out there. The second features them truly coming into their own and defining extreme goregrind for years to come, deleting much of the Carcass and amping up the speed, intensity, and groove beyond anything heard before. But the the third and final full-length (from which the songs above comes) is what really makes them. 'Putrefaction in Progress' is, in my opinion, one of the most extreme pieces of music ever composed and performed by human beings. Nothing more than a collection of brief tracks showcasing impossible-to-tab, unbelievably fast guitar riffs, effects-laden, roaring vocals, and one of the most terrifying displays of blasting stamina ever laid down by a drummer, this album is an indispensable part of anyone who claims to enjoy extreme music's collection.

Bodies Lay Broken

These guys never did anything outside of the goregrind box- they just did it better than everyone else. Most likely a goofy side project of members from more established bands, Bodies Lay Broken did oldschool goregrindcore with tons of catchy riffs, brutal vocals, and propulsive drumming, with a flair for simple yet engaging songs that never drop the brutality but are always memorable. A fair amount more punk-influenced than the typical goregrind band, Bodies Lay Broken always felt like a goregrind band with closer ties to the more oldschool strains of grindcore than most, making for music that gutter punks and obese metalheads can listen to together as one. Proof that humor in music is best backed up by actual talent and songwriting.

XXX Maniak

Yeah, there's been a lot of bullshit flying around this band in the past, with accusations of drug addiction, the project being a joke band to scam goregrind fans out of their money (that doesn't really work,) all sorts of bizarre affiliations with Relapse, but fuck what you've heard because no matter what the motivation behind it the music is sick. XXX Maniak is (was?) a drum machine two-piece that makes frantic, brief grind songs with an alarming depth despite their brevity. It's amazing what these guys can do in 20 seconds, with full-fledged compositions coming out of the woodwork, feeling complete and whole no matter how short they happen to be. There's a ton of little elements to this music that make it so fantastic: the incredibly clean, ultra-heavy, chromed off production style, the ripping and tearing tremolo riffs, and the chaotic, multi-layered vocals are all impressive. But the real star of the show just might be the samples: all custom made by the band, and always toeing the delicate edge between hilarious and distressing. It's just about perfect.

Intestinal Disgorge

Well, we might be bending the rules a little bit here- frankly, Intestinal Disgorge straddles a lot of different lines musically, from death metal to crust punk to harsh noise. At their heart, though, they've always been a goregrind band, highly influenced by early noisecore groups like the Meat Shits. Intestinal Disgorge's music is sloppy, deranged, and probably improvised a lot of the time, with lurching, groovy riffs suddenly transforming into wholly random tremolo picking. Sometimes they use a drum machine, sometimes they use a real drummer- there's little precision or logic to how the band works outside of attacking the listener as brutally as possible. The star of the show? The vocals: louder, more insane, and more terrifying than anything you've heard before. The sheer number of vocal styles employed on an Intestinal Disgorge album is nothing short of insane, from normal death grunts to inhaled gurgles to Impetigo-style yattering shouts to the infamous 'bitch screams' which closely resemble the sounds a schoolgirl makes when you rape her in the urethra. Wonderful bedtime music.

Hymen Holocaust

Simple, filthy, grooving, pornographic, bloodsplattered, and designed for a night of getting drunk and throwing chairs at your friends in your shitty about-to-be-foreclosed house- in short, exactly what goregrind should be. Hymen Holocaust is a phenomenal band heavily inspired by Mortician and porngrind, so their take on goregrind is probably the most grooving and accessible of all the bands I've discussed. This makes them no less phenomenal though: every Hymen Holocaust track is packed to the brim with disgusting, chugging riffs designed to get you headbanging and succeeding with alarming frequency. If anyone was getting tired of the art fag pretenses of a lot of the previous artists, here's the antidote: Hymen Holocaust is big, fat, stupid, and fantastically brutal.

I hope you've all learned something about goregrind and will go on to trade in your Discordance Axis CDs for weed and goregrind tapes very soon. Let me know what you think of all the artists we've covered in the comment box. Keep grinding.


  1. This is great make more.

  2. Agreed, you should definitely keep adding to this series of posts. I've tried to check out a goregrind once or twice but have picked bands that are far outside my sphere of taste (Hey Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis!).

    Bodies Lay Broken sounded pretty damn good, probably because of the noticeable punk influence. Hymen Holocaust had some solid riffs in there, but I'm not sure if I could make my way through an entire album.

    Also first time I've actually listened to LDoH; fuck that drum tone. I can definitely see why people dislike them so much but I could kind of hear something interesting potentially going on in the riffs. Seems like it requires a lot of effort to find something redeeming about them though.

  3. intestinal disgorge. yes.