Friday, June 24, 2011

Get Into: Satans Vind

In a stately procession, hooded acolytes file down the aisle of a burning cathedral. They look to neither side, even as timbers fall around their heads and scorching air shatters the stained-glass windows. Mounting the altar, they begin the ritual.

On their 2001 demo Forenade I Hat Mot Gud, Satans Vind crafted some of the blackest black metal you will ever hear. It really doesn't get any more hateful or unearthly than this. It's basically a "noise black metal" album, but it's also totally faithful to the Second Wave aesthetic. The production, which is the first thing you'll notice, defines raw. But it's also quite listenable: they went for obscene amounts of distortion rather than cultivating an obnoxiously trebly guitar sound. The riffs are simple, elegant, and evil as fuck. Even amidst the fuzz, the hiss, and the unrelenting din of the drums, these melodic figures remain easy to discern. Satans Vind could have produced a pointless racket. Instead, they've given us a searing and surprisingly musical ass-kicking.

I also want to talk about the drums. Holy fucking hell. Supposedly the vocalist also played drums, but they must have been programmed on a haywire vintage drum machine. Rather than giving everything a sterile sound, the drums are crucial to the album's organic and mysterious feel. The blasting--and that's all there is--is so inhumanly fast and so "badly" produced that it often blurs together into a pulse or a continuous crash. It seems to fluctuate in volume or intensity, so that some snare hits really jump out at odd times. This happens in a more or less regular pattern, but not necessarily where measures begin. I think this is really cool, and so should you.

Some biographical info: Satans Vind was the side project of Swedish guitarist Surth, better known for the shamefully underappreciated Svartsyn. Nothing is known about Pesth, the vocalist/"drummer." Wouldn't be surprised if he was actually a ghost. They recorded this demo in 2001, and an untitled one in 2003. Maybe I'll track that one down later. These guys were kind of similar in spirit to Ravengod, the raw, nasty side project of Hoest from Taake. Check out my old post on them here.

If you like black metal, you will like Satans Vind, or at the very least appreciate them. If you don't like them, you should reconsider your interest in black metal. This demo is veeeery hard to find, so downloading is really the only option unless you're rich and have a lot of time on your hands. While we aren't an mp3 blog, I figured I'd save you the trouble of searching for it. Here's a LINK. Hail Satan.


  1. By the Unholy Bestial Lust of Satan, this is fucking awesome! Simple but beautiful melody within wave upon wave of melting distortion. Love it.

  2. Sick! And on the rest of the demo they do a great job of changing up the beautiful riffs with totally grinding power chords.