Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get Into: Milk Music

Ok, this band isn't metal, nor are they hardcore, properly speaking. But they sure as hell listen to both. I saw them last night opening for The Men at Death By Audio, and they fucking killed it. There was some problem with their equipment, so they were "less loud than usual." It says something about the quality of their riffs, and the nature of heaviness, that they were still heavy as hell. The singer asked to have his mic turned down, so that he could yowl into it with even more conviction. They were tight and ragged. As it should be. They were totally cool with having beer cans thrown at them. Right on. They briefly had to stop playing during a fight, but then got right back in the groove. Punk as fuck.

Milk Music play a forgotten genre whose name is still whispered by some in far corners of the realm: GRUNGE. Many metalheads will recoil in horror at the term, but I'm not talking about Pearl Jam or whatever. Milk Music are deeply into the thrashing garage punk and alienated underground rock of the late 80s and early 90s, the real bands that were ripped off during the commercial orgy of "alt-rock." I'm talking about bands like Mudhoney, Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr., and England's legendary longhair shoegazers, Swervedriver (who are touring right now!).

With rolling eighth note riffs, simple hooky leads, and moments of beautiful harmony, Milk Music evoke a gray emotional spectrum ranging from disaffected rage to disaffected happiness. They're not interested in "doing something new," because they like old shit. They're not interested in finding some obscure band and copying their sound, because they have something to say. Mostly, these guys want to write good songs. And that's how good music happens. Their debut 12" LP, Beyond Living, was released last year. It's headbanging rock'n'roll at its purest. If you can't dig it, stop listening to music with electric guitars.

P.S. If you want to download Beyond Living, here's a link posted by my friend Adam at icouldietomorrow.


  1. Man, where were these guys when I was 14 and really needed them?

  2. Hahaha it probably says something about my emotional development that this kind of music resonates with me as much as it ever did, maybe more...