Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Demo-lition: Amputation Spree - Terminal Velocity

Amputation Spree is some sort of industrial/progressive death mixture out of North Carolina who released their second EP on June 5th, 2011. Let's see what's up.

Pavel: The art is a nice change.

Noktorn: The music isn't much better than usual, though. Everyone's convinced that THEY'RE the ones who are going to change metal with whatever dumb idea they have. Plus the production's atrocious.

P: It sounds a lot like Gojira to me, minus the technicality. I'm actually not against the atmosphere they're going for here. It seems like at its best it's pointing towards an apocalyptic cyberpunk vibe. But...

N: They forgot to write riffs.

P: Right. And key parts. And the vocals always rigorously double the keys. The riffs are generally thrash riffs but it's not clear why they're written the way they are. They suffer from Krallice syndrome. "Well, those are unusual harmonies, sure, but the riff is still kind of aimless."

N: The drum programming is really, really bad, and to be honest it might as well be instrumental for all the good the vocals do. The real problem with this stuff is that it just all feels so aimless.

P: It's like an attempt at stylistic synthesis that isn't driven by an inner musical goal.

N: It's a bunch of fairly arbitrary aesthetic ideas just jammed together without purpose. All the riffs are just rhythm and texture studies. There's no REAL riffing. And that's sort of the crucial building block of metal.

P: I think there's potential here, but they need a clearer vision of what they're trying to do. Like if he's going for "futuristic chugfest," that's naturally going to sound very different from "haunting cybersludge." They should probably drop the keys for now and concentrate on riffcraft until that's really solid. There's a lot of good ideas here but they're pieced together poorly.

N: This sounds like the first project of some kids that want to put all their cool ideas into one project, because if they do, it'll end up being something REALLY SUPER COOL! They need to learn some restraint. And turn down the fucking bass.

You can download the entire EP for free at the band's Bandcamp profile here.

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