Monday, May 2, 2011

What happened to truefrostandevil?

Edit: Thanks to an anonymous commenter, we now know that they just changed the URL. If you are looking for TFE/Worship Humanicide, GO HERE.
What the fuck? Where'd it go? Did they get shut down by the German government for posting too many NS bands? Did Blogger decide there was too much frosty evil going down? Did some little wusses at an unchill label get wind of the piracy?

TFE, or "Worship Humanicide" if you go by the header, was probably the best mp3 clearinghouse for true black metal. Now we are bereft. I am totally committed to buying music and merch, but if you listen to a ton of music and don't have much money, the mp3 blog is a necessity. They've become mainstays of underground music. TFE kicked ass, and contributed something to the black metal scene. Wherever you dudes are (hopefully not in prison), thanks for your hard work and your uncompromising commitment to uncompromising metal. You will be missed!

*If you have any leads on this, get in touch. I'm genuinely curious.*



  2. are deleted again.... someone know the new name ?

  3. down since 1 week :(

  4. that sucks man it was the best blog for bm.... what the fuck happen???? /

  5. yes one of the best blogspot ! Perhaps someone knows if there is a new adress ? Or new about what happen ?

    Evil regards from France