Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sickest metal video of all time: Sanguis Imperem - The Scourge of Men

For a long time, I have wondered why some BM or war metal band didn't just make a music video entirely of brutal hand to hand combat. With some help from Hell's Headbangers and Invictus Productions, Sanguis Imperem have done just that. Romans against some kind of Persians (Sassanids, perhaps?). Iron resolve, ferocious combat, and spurting cruor. This video isn't just really cool, it speaks to the part of me that has been enthralled with the glories and perils of the ancient world since I was three or four years old. The Eagle moved me to the verge of tears, and if you dug that movie or the dumber but still awesome 300, you will love this. Definitely my favorite metal video of all time. Watch for the golden moment at 00:35, when the legionaries take on fucking elephants and the vocals come roaring in.

I'd love to hear how they set this up. Did they somehow get the rights to footage from a movie? Or did they really shoot all of this themselves with reenactors? Are all those dudes headbangers!? But all that is secondary to the total ownage happening on screen.

The music slays. This is faster than I remember their last E.P. being, and I'm totally down with that. Some of the riffs are battle-tested, some are newly forged. Not always the catchiest individually, but there are lots of them, and they work together. Like the glorious Spearhead (and APMD!) these guys use smart, frequent transitions to make powerful body music.

The vocalist is a beast. Varied and vehement. Some growls, some almost-gurgles, some truly vile rasps. They are central to the song: The hooks actually come more from the vocals than from the guitars. Such nasty and compelling vox are getting rarer and rarer in extreme music as they become merely "a thing one does." All too often they are just an extra layer of noise. Sanguis Imperem, though, are keeping it real. They bring colossal hate.

Basically, I'm stoked for the full album. According to the Invictus Facebook page it's already in the can, so it should be on target for a July release. Expect a full review here.

Oh, and it's called In Glory We March Towards Our Doom. Onwards, brothers.


  1. Awesome video and second the motion on the Eagle being a great film. Would love to know what the movie is!?
    There song has a real bombastic Krisiun vibe to it too.

  2. Glad someone else liked The Eagle, I thought me and my little sister were the only ones! Did you ever read the Rosemary Sutcliffe novel it's based on?

    And yeah I wanna try and interview Darragh from Invictus, so if/when that goes down I will definitely ask about where they got this footage.

  3. Update: Sanguis Imperem's R.S. weighed in on the NWN forums. Apparently the footage is from "Hannibal: Rome's worst nightmare," a BBC documentary.

  4. Sanguis Imperem are gods!Check out Cemetery Urn as Well!!

  5. Will do! Always looking for more stuff in this vein. If I dig them as much as I expect, I'll review 'em too.


  7. I've watched this multiple times now and its fucking awesome.