Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recent retro-death releases (I am too tired to give this a real title, fuck off)

I was going to write a lengthy and detailed review for you, I really was. I'd been wanting to write something interesting and enthusiastic about a great new album, but I kinda struck out. I think I chose the wrong scene.

First, I'd been impressed by some old Necros Christos I heard on Youtube, and thought I'd check the new album. Oh man, not comes "the Pharoah's Curse!" Unless you are Iron Maiden writing "Powerslave," writing about Egypt seems to automatically condemn your album to suckitude. Maybe the "exotic" imagery is supposed to cover up the lack of an inner motivation to the music? Basically, Doom of the Occult sucks because the riffs are arbitrarily constructed and arbitrarily placed. You might as well just read our Krallice review. I can tell you, though, what makes this central problem more painfully obvious.

1. Sometimes you can save a lackluster riff with an unusual note combination, but not if you surrender death metal's atonal arsenal in favor of predictable "Oriental" scales.

2. Sometimes your vocal performance can make the rest of it worth sitting through, but not if you use sing-song patterns that awkwardly double the riffs, and especially not if every single chorus involves shouting the title of the song. And CERTAINLY not if that song title is "Necromantic Nun." Uh, what?

3. 20 minutes of boring instrumental filler doth not an epic masterpiece make.

Also, I tried to go through Doom of the Occult to pick out a part that exemplifies its problems, but I got too bored. Not a good sign.

Second, I tried Miasmal's new self-titled LP for a more Stockholm vibe. They're playing around here in a couple weeks, and I wanted to get ready. I really enjoy listening to this music, and there are a couple killer tracks. "Toxic Breed," in particular, links an elaborate d-beat riff to an eerie tremolo chorus with the harmonic richness of black metal. Nice one dudes! The handful of weak points are during long streams of palm muting--Miasmal are very good at changing notes, so I like when they stick with that.

Still, I must say this is not very interesting music to write about. Do you like really good d-beat hardcore? Do you like dissonance and very loud low frequencies? Do you wish there was more music like Like An Everflowing Stream? Cool so do I!

If you haven't already gotten the picture, retro-death is just not the most exciting thing going these days.


  1. i listened to one track from that necro christos album called "Necromatique Nun". The first riff just seemed so boring. Like he wrote it... but then didn't take the time to think about it or revise it. just... boring.

  2. Yeah I like the IDEA of that riff: midpaced DM riff, using a blues scale, over half-blasts. sounds like some classic band that never actually existed. still, it is basically a scale. and the stuff that follows doesn't really connect with it.