Friday, May 6, 2011

Good shit coming up.

Sorry I couldn't post last night, N. and I have each had to deal with some shit this week. Anyway, I will hopefully be doing a real post sometime tonight, and N. should have something coming up, but for now wanted to plug upcoming articles. Listed in no particular order, just things to look out for.

1. Trial By Ordeal Mixtape Vol. 1: 1000 Years of Blood. Continuous mix of death metal, blackened thrash, crust, grind, etc. Compiled, edited, and illustrated by our bro Ian, who will probably start posting occasionally around here soon. I've listened to it already, it fucking owns, get stoked. If all goes well, this will be up tonight.
2. Demo-lition: Frosthammer.
3. Liturgy - Aesthethica. Will bring down the fucking Hypehammer if it sucks as much as we expect. But I actually liked their first album a lot, retarded image and "philosophy" aside, so we'll see.
4. Necros Christos - Doom of the Occult.
5. Miasmal - S/T
6. "Spewings From the Pit." And by that I mean concert reviews! May and June are going to be great months for metal and hardcore, at least here in New York, so I'll be trying to hit up as many shows as I can.

Oh, and Ringworm rules, worship them.

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