Monday, May 16, 2011

Morbid Angel is dead

Yep, this is just about the worst thing that has ever happened to metal. This is our genre's 9/11. I can't even begin to express how unbelievably disappointing and frustrating and depressing it is to see one of my favorite bands do THIS. Even on 'Heretic', Morbid Angel were most definitely trying to make good music, and more importantly, good DEATH METAL even if it wasn't a great release. This, though... this is completely unconscionable. I don't think I can ever see the band live again because they might play something off this album.

I want to throw up.


  1. worst moments of the teaser:

    1. Vincent's cringe-inducing lyrics ruining a pretty cool industrial song on "Too Extreme"

    2. The hack riff at 4:19 in "I Am Morbid," when you realize that you've just been listening to a fucking blues turnaround.

    3. Vincent "rapping" in 10 More Dead

    4. A song about a race of aliens called the "Destructos" blowing up the earth. Now THIS sounds like shitty Hot Topic industrial.

    5. Nevermore sounds like a Morbid Angel song, and this makes everything else seem even sadder. Actually, there are some great Azagthoth riffs even in the worst songs. Pearls in the muck...

    6. The Rob Zombie song. Puke.

    7. The last song--which is actually kinda cool--is called "Mea Culpa." Do you think this is their way of apologizing? "My bad dudes, just ruined our legacy."

  2. i think the worst, saddest thing about this is that it seems like they're trying to jump on a commercial trend that's like 10 years old. who are they trying to please, the few remaining baggy goths? if they wanted to be "relevant" they shoulda made a deathcore record. they haven't even succeeded at selling out.

  3. That CAN'T be Morbid Angel. It sounds like a bad Ministry cover band. And the only Ministry album I like is "Twitch."

    But the question is: "Is it EVEN WORSE than COLD LAKE?"

    Honestly, Celtic Frost..... what the fuck were you thinking.

  4. You know... I gotta be completely honest with you when I say... FOR ME... this is worse then Metallica putting out Load.

    I'm at a loss for words.... i mean... wow... its terrible. its like half so-so death metal and half crap industrial. I mean... i'm depressed and at a loss for words.

    I don't think i've ever been this angry about a bands new album before.

  5. I feel the eight years to make IDI contributed to the problem. While there are some good songs on here, the entire album sounds static and slapdashed together, with no fluency to each other. Trey and David's personal influences have become even more techno/gamer music, and that really reflects in the material.

    For the fans, that eight year buildup just leads most people to the erroneous impression that there is going to be a solid foundation of skill and creativity going into the music.