Friday, May 27, 2011

Idolater - Where the fuck did this come from!?

Holy shit! A brand-new USBM band that's actually excellent? I didn't even know it was possible in the horrible over-saturated and generic scene we're afflicted with, but apparently Idolater is here to change things up. Idolater sounds like (to me, anyway) what orthodox black metal would sound like if it was good. Points of reference are easily found in bands like Deathspell Omega and Funeral Mist, but more streamlined, direct, and traditional in orientation. There's a lot of weird dissonance and guitar textures, but instead of seeming arbitrary, they're fascinating and disquieting and romantic- the sheer blackness of the atmosphere here is something I haven't heard in a really long time. It helps out that the drumming (which I'm not sure is real or programmed) is incredibly erratic and spontaneous, the vocals are disgusting and cackling, and even the lyrics are immensely well-written and a great accompanying read.

This is an artist to look out for- there's something definitely going on in Idolater's music that's worth examining and I intend to get to the bottom of it. More on this guy later, probably- this is way, way too strong to ignore.


  1. This is excellent.

    I really enjoy this blog.

  2. that was one fucking sick black metal track

  3. emphasis on SICK and BLACK. yeah we are going to rep this guy hard, so check back for more.

  4. Hey Garland, I dig your tweed coatJune 1, 2011 at 11:17 AM

    This dude also did a split with a band called At Dusk. I ordered it and when I opened it, it filled the room with the stench of incense haha. My copy was 'imbued with the blood of Kohrior' (sorry can't remember how to spell and cba to find it xD)
    The music itself was alright as well.
    He (Idolater) is properly weird though. He called his music something like 'anti-marriage black metal'. So I'm kinda tempted to think he had a few knockbacks in the love department... Either way, your right, Idolater kicks ass
    and so does this blog.
    I've been an avid reader after seeing you comment on the CH got intrigued by your dp and clicked on this blog. totally glad I did, thanks man keep it up, sorry for the looong post haha ;)

  5. Cheers! It's great to know you've been keeping up with our posts, and that I've reached a fellow Hearse-rider. CH has been a fixture of my life for two and a half years, what a fucking institution. Definitely inspired me to get more into music writing.

    Not at all surprised about Idolator's weirdness, but hey that's how black metal should be! Baptizing your album in demon blood is the kind of grandiose, bizarre gesture the scene needs right now...

    Oh and I actually love long comments, so go for it!

  6. Hey Garland, I dig your tweed coatJune 5, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    Totally agreed on the CH front, I always try and check it daily there's so many gems on it it's unreal. Aesop even managed to get me into jazz as well... haha.

    Concerning your comment about getting more into music writing I'm intrigued; will any more ever be posted on this blog in the near future?

    Take care man, I'll definitely be following the blog with a more than fleeting interest.

  7. Yeah though Aesop's taste in jazz is surprisingly conventional for someone who usually seeks out, as he says, "gorked out" extremity.

    I didn't quite understand your question about my music writing...any more of what? I post every other day, sometimes more, if that's what you were asking.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping up with our work!

  8. Hey Garland, I dig your tweed coatJune 7, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    Yeah I know Blue Note's about as normal as it gets tbh.

    Haha sorry, with hindsight, I definetly should have phrased that better.
    You said you had been inspired to write more music due to CH. I wondered if any of your own creations (stuff you've written) would be put on this blog anytime soon just like your 'lol I'm in a band' post

    Sorry if I'm not making any sense man

  9. No worries dude, by music writing I meant "writing about music" rather than "songwriting," so that was obviously confusing. That brutal death metal video was actually posted by Noktorn, my co-blogger. We usually alternate, but you can just check the signature at the bottom. He has a lot of different projects going on, I know his Godflesh-influenced death metal band Abortionist has a full-length coming out this summer.

    As far as my own musical output, I'm in the process of putting together a band with a few friends. I'll be screaming/singing. It's not really metal, more like melodic noisecore? our main influence is old sonic youth, to be honest, but we are certainly ratcheting up the riffiness and aggression. When we have shit recorded I'll definitely post it here.