Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Do You Think I Care?" - Crustcore by Marduk dudes

I'm tired as fuck so this is gonna be a fairly short one. This was a Scandi crust side project of some guys in Marduk, and it's from 1998. Yes, Nordic black metal was always in dialog with hardcore, and these guys were way ahead of the curve on the recent trend of extreme metal dudes getting back in touch with their punk influences. Bands like Moment Maniacs are proof of just how weak and redundant the "raw USBM" scene is. Once again, hipsters are taking something old and pretending it's new.

Also, it's great to hear a crust band with nasty, nihilistic lyrics. I'm so tired of pouty humanist diatribes by anarcho-hippies. For me, the true spirit of punk was embodied by The Stooges and The Sex Pistols. Crass did their best to kill it, but it escaped into the extreme metal scene, where it was reborn, triumphant, as Satanism.

Anyway, this track fucking owns, listen to it and think about driving a tank through a Bone Awl show. Death to false metalpunk!

Thanks to my friend Ben Parker for turning me on to this shit. He's an excellent music critic, and his writing inspired me to refine my ideas. You should read his blog.

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