Monday, May 9, 2011

Electronic music for metalheads

Just a couple for now, but I'm sure you'll like them. I've recently reignited my love of extreme electronic music and figured I'd share a couple artists I love for you types out there who are interested in new sounds.

The darker edge:

Sorry to make you suffer through the anime, but it's a necessary evil. Venetian Snares is one of breakcore's legendary artists, and Doll Doll Doll is probably his darkest, most virulent album. Entirely based on the concept of child murder, Aaron Funk weaves intricate, violent, terrifyingly chaotic beats over beds of murky synths and vocal samples. Definitely not the sort of thing to listen to right before you go to bed.

The lighter side:

The Flashbulb could in a lot of ways be seen as the opposite side of breakcore; heavily influenced by some of the more sensitive post-rock out there like Explosions In the Sky, The Flashbulb makes chirpy yet speedy and intense rhythms over slowly shifting walls of grandiose melody. It basically sounds like what I always wanted to hear from electronic music as a kid but was never fortunate enough to stumble onto until much later.

Hope you enjoy.


  1. the first track is legit terrifying, the second sounds like i just won a japanese video game. not that that's really a bad thing, everyone loves winning! anyway, i'll do a part II to this that is more stompy and less breaky.

  2. hah, yeah, breakcore's always been my field of choice in electronic. well, at least if we ignore the really, really, really fucking bad anthem trance and gabba stuff i'm know to love.