Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Completely informal thoughts on 5 random bands

I think I'm going to do a series of posts where I just talk about bands- not reviews, not essays, just quick summations of whatever I'm feeling about them at the moment. For the first installment, I'm going to open my Itunes where my whole music collection is ripped and talk about the first five that I land on. Let's see what happens.

1. Psychotogen

I don't know why people think really obnoxious tech death is a recent invention, because the album I own by these guys is from '03 and is waaaaay more annoying than anything from Brain Drill. These guys have that perfect cross-section between really annoying, cheesy post-Nocturnus tech death from the '90s and the more wank-driven stuff from the '00s, making it basically unlistenable to anyone with ears. God, what a shitty band. They ended up getting carried by Crash. Kind of surprising because the sort of shitty music Crash carried was usually much more straightforward and boring than Psychotogen.

2. Enecare

Can you really be convincingly DIY when you have a Facebook account and shit? The same issue that plagues Bone Awl and trust fund crusters fucks up Enecare- I'm just not convinced. It's like he's trying to pretend that this sort of ultra-underground, depraved stuff even exists anymore when it really doesn't and it shows in the music. I think he's trying to channel the essence of the LLN bands but in a more modern context, and we all know the pitfalls associated with going retro. The biggest problem with his music is that he's trying to be sick and dark and depraved but I just don't get that vibe from it at all. I'm sure the dude behind this project is a really friendly guy who would be fine to go out for a pint with, or whatever the fuck they do in Ireland.

3. Tumour

You know, these guys are fun in small doses. I have like two albums by them and I don't listen to them very often because they're just too goofy most of the time, but I can appreciate what they're doing. It's pretty funny that they're one of the biggest gorenoise bands out there but no one in the gorenoise scene actually likes them. The pitch is sort of difficult to stomach: garage rock gorenoise? Anyway, I guess it comes off better than they could have planned initially so I'm not going to step on their funk. It's still really dumb. It's a dumb I can respect, though.

4. Octagon

Mortigan should just keep unearthing old material, because Death Fetish is way, way better than Artisans of Cruelty. The biggest problem with this band is just ego; Mortigan is truly, truly convinced that he's hot shit when in reality he's a pretty mediocre songwriter who occasionally stumbles onto something really good. I'm still not 100% sold on Death Fetish since I think it's more carried by its basement swag than anything. Really, I'm just bitter because he shit-talked me a while back. Back in the day, when I wrote for Vampire Magazine, I reviewed Artisans and did an interview with Mortigan. He seemed to be cool with the review even though it wasn't glowing and he was perfectly fine in the interview. Then, for some reason, a couple years later I stumbled across one of the mods on the Metal Archives mentioning in passing in a random thread that he'd contacted them because he was bitching about my review. Sorry Mortigan, you're gonna have to try harder than that. Or grow up, you know, whichever.

5. Dismember

And finally we land on a big one! These guys were really always my favorites of the Stockholm sound. Grave always just kind of sucked and I actually prefer Entombed as a rock band rather than a death metal one, but Dismember just had the balance perfect between melodic stuff and brutal shit. In addition, I'd say that Death Metal is probably the best Gothenburg album that's ever existed because it doesn't really sound like Gothenburg. These guys are also notable for doing Dreaming In Red, which has the best video I've ever seen for a death metal song. Good job dudes!


  1. I definitely agree with your remark about Grave. I've never understood the appeal of that band. And Dismember is also my favorite of that whole Stockholm/Sunlight movement!

  2. I also don't get Grave. I remember I saw them with Immolation way back... i went to see Immolation and left like 1 song into grave's set because i thought it was boring.

  3. No way, Grave rules! I dunno about their later material, but Into The Grave is probably my favorite death metal album, and one of my all time favorite metal albums. Works more like Discharge or Slayer on "Reign in Blood" than most death metal, though. Dismember is great, and was my intro to Swedeath, but when I heard Grave I was like "now THIS is what I was looking for."

  4. @Lago That review is coming Thursday, btw. I've listened to the whole EP again and really enjoyed it, but I'm a bit too stoned right now to write a suitably thorough review...

  5. Sweet! Looking forward to it!! I wish i was stoned. I'm trying to find a second job for the summer. so no weed for me atm.

  6. ah bummer, finding jobs is the worst. i'm coming off a long weed hiatus, myself. gotta get back in condition!

  7. Trust Fund Crusters sounds like something Fenriz would come up with for a song title.

  8. hah! N. and I were actually just theorizing that there are no poor crust punks. they're poor now, sure, but you have to grow up with a computer and a lot of free time if your favorite bands are Riisteyt and Black Uniforms...