Saturday, May 21, 2011

Advertising update: Amazon links

You'll notice that at the bottom of all our reviews (and even our Hypehammer articles- we're nothing if not pragmatic), you'll now see a link to buy the album on Amazon. This link will take you to a search of the album and its title. Understandably enough, a lot of them will lead to a 'result not found' page, but hey, that's how we roll.

The way these links work (as goes with our policy of total advertising transparency) is this: when you click on one, it takes you to Amazon, but with our particular referral ID attached to it. This means that whenever you buy ANYTHING on Amazon (not just the album it links you to), we get a part of the profits from that sale directed to us for the referral. As we've just started with the program, we get 4% of the sale now, which will increase as more sales are generated through our links.

Since the links work by referring you to the site in addition to the specific product, it doesn't matter exactly what you buy when you're on there; just that you came through our link. It goes without saying that if you're planning on purchasing a car, boat, or plasma screen TV via Amazon, you should probably do it through one of our links, because we have to eat our own hair sometimes in lieu of actual food.

As always, we will never allow any sort of intrusive advertising on our site which infringes on your experience here. If you'd like to support, try checking out some of the Google banner ads on the sidebar, or maybe make a purchase off Amazon via one of our referral links. Every little bit helps and we appreciate all the support we've had so far from our readers. Keep grinding.

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