Saturday, May 7, 2011

1,000 Years of Bloodshed (TBO Mixtape, Vol. 1)

Prepare for bloodshed! 1000 fucking years of it! Punked out black metal, blacked out punk metal, death metal, crust, industrial, noise, and some crushing downtempo powerviolence. Obscure new shit and tastefully selected classics. It's not just a bunch of mp3s in a folder, it's a continuous mix filled with weird samples, cool transitions, and the like. Hopefully it will turn you on to some stuff you haven't heard.

Major thanks to my old Michigan buddy Ian for putting this whole thing together. He even designed the cover, which is INSANE. It's included in the zip file, so make sure to drag it into your itunes or whatever. If you dig Ian's taste, stay tuned--he's going to start writing with us soon.

Without further ado, here is the link, and here is the tracklist:

1. Whore Mass - Teitanblood
2. Baptized in Ashes – Wastelander (Lansing MI)
3. Life Beyond Life – Innumerable Forms
4. Angel of Destruction – Syphilitic Vaginas
5. Phase Shift – Wumpscut
6. War of the Machines – N.I.B.I.R.U.
7. The Possibility of Life's Destruction – Discharge
8. Noise Not Music (No Fucker Cover) – Wolf Eyes (Ann Arbor!!)
9. Ultimatum (Excerpt) – NON
10. Dead Walking Hog – Ork Bastards
11. Dark Ages – Harbinger (Lansing MI)
12. Pain in the Ass – Dishammer
13. Nuclear Annihilation – Bolt Thrower
14. Unconscious – Mind Eraser