Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sepultura slips even further into sheer irrelevancy

Oh boy. I'm starting to think that as any major band metal band reaches a terminal point of suck in their career, they become more and more receptive to the idea of working with an orchestra in live performances. Metallica's infamous misstep is the most obvious, but there are others out there, and Sepultura's is just the last gasp of a band that no one's been listening to for a decade now.

The idea of a metal band working with an orchestra is dumb and pointless but theoretically workable. More importantly than that, though, it's marketable. To the average person, the mere presence of an orchestra suggests sophistication and an artistic aim beyond what you might ordinarily see from a metal band- ignore, for a moment, how Sepultura's been doing some of the dumbest, most meatheaded metalcore in the world for years now and you could almost think they have ambition.

I really hope no one's dumb enough to fall for this stuff these days.


  1. also just listen to that bass riff! that's like, literally, the one riff featured in scores of nu-metal songs. the people in the orchestra must be embarrassed that their participation is now on film... poor guys, gotta earn the paycheck somehow.

  2. This stuff's seriously unlistenable.

  3. I was in junior high when "Chaos AD" came out. I had LOVED "Beneath the Remains" and was excited for the new album (on CASSETTE!) After I listened to the first side, I felt really puzzled. Never got to side two.