Saturday, April 9, 2011

A manifesto

Trial By Ordeal has no desire to cover the new Iced Earth leak. Trial By Ordeal doesn't care about what Dave Mustaine thinks about Satan. Trial By Ordeal thinks your new project sucks and doesn't want to do a split CDr with you.

Trial By Ordeal is an attempt to bring metal back to what it should be from where it is now. In a scene that is becoming increasingly obsessed with meaningless and trite displays of image over content, pseudo-intellectual ruminations on transcendence of genre, and an inevitable deathmarch towards mainstream accessibility and concessions to popular taste, this blog is designed to reclaim the elements that brought us to metal in the first place: brutality, darkness, extremity, creativity, intelligence, and a distinct, all-consuming lack of concern over the perceptions of others.

We're going to be covering a wide range of extreme sounds centering on metal but also diverting into grind, ambient, noise, and other styles of music. Trial By Ordeal will contain reviews, interviews, essays, and any number of other features we feel like at the moment. We have little to no interest in the latest Nuclear Blast or Century Media releases (apart from making fun of them): Trial By Ordeal is for the underground, by the underground. If you desperately want to find out our opinions on the newest retro-thrash act, assume that it sucks every time.

Posts are daily. Enjoy.

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