Friday, April 22, 2011

Demo-lition: Desiderium - An Image Of Solitude

Desiderium is a two-piece metal band whose second release, the full-length 'An Image Of Solitude', was released on March 30th, 2011. Vocalist/programmer/primary songwriter Michael Rumple was kind enough to offer this album up to the sacrificial altar for the first installment of Demo-lition.

N: Okay, so this guy hit me up on the Metal Archives and said he liked the blog and really dug our writing and wanted to have a review done of this album. Which means to me that he can't possibly like our writing THAT much, otherwise why would he send an album like this of all things? Was he actually expecting us to like it? So, have you actually listened to this thing?

P: ...Yeah.

N: I just managed to get through the whole thing last night for the first time. I think I tried to listen to it like 4 other times and got like 3 tracks in before I just couldn't do it anymore.

P: Yeah, I actually tried listening to it at work to get some ideas for the article, and every time a customer walked in I'd have to turn it off. Not because I was listening to metal, just because I didn't want to be caught listening to really GAY metal like this.

N: Yeah, it is super, super gay. Basically as gay as metal gets. To be honest, it really just sounds like Opeth worship to me.

P: Does it? I've never bothered listening to Opeth because I always get 20 seconds in and just start laughing. For me it was just all the gayest parts of Agalloch strung together into songs.

N: Opeth, Agalloch, yeah, basically every metal band that isn't particularly metal. Like, it's not overtly BAD, it's just nothing that I would ever think about listening to in my free time.

P: I don't know, the piano intro is pretty bad. I don't see why bands keep doing that. It doesn't kick my ass, it's not a set-up to kick my ass, so what's the point of it?

N: I'm pretty sick of intros, outros, interludes, intermezzos, all of those things in general now. They really just seem to be there to flatter the artist, not to really compliment the album.

P: It's also way too busy. Way too much aimless guitar noodling. Way too many solos.

N: Is there a difference between riffs and solos in this style?

P: Well they could be a little less aimless. It's like there's perpetually some sort of guitar theatrics going on. Honestly, the best moments on this album for me are when the band settles down into a riff and a consistent rhythm for a while.

N: Yeah, but I treat shit like this more like prog rock than anything else.

P: Can we just tell them not to make this style of music?

N: Well, I don't really want to do THAT. I mean, in all honesty, this album could easily get on a low to midrange label that specializes in this kind of shit. The compositional ability is good enough I guess, coming from someone who doesn't listen to this kind of music. There are some professional aspects that need to be worked on though. The drum machine's the biggest thing: the samples for the different drums sound like something from a goregrind band. They either need to buckle down and get Drumkit From Hell or find a real drummer. They need more organic tones.

P: Do you have anything else to say about this?

N: Not really. It's just gay.

P: Super, super gay.

Thanks to Michael Rumple for submitting his work to the blog. Desiderium is selling their album as a set-your-own-price download at Bandcamp. You can listen to every track on the album for free at their page. Let us know what you think about these guys in the comment box below.


  1. An afterthought: To me, the strongest moment on this demo was at 1:36 in "And Her Cries Echoed Across the Hills..." Expecting a transition into more fruity Agalloch shit, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a sick semi-melodic death metal riff! And the "breakdown+screaming" section that follows would actually be pretty heavy if the melody was carried on the low end of a trem-picked guitar instead of a fucking synthesized flute!

    Clearly, MR can write a real riff when he wants, and I think putting more emphasis on this aspect of his sound would be a much better direction for the project. Using blackened death metal to capture the spirit of the forests (or whatever) would give him a pretty original approach...

  2. To much intro... i couldn't make it past that.